Multi-family office services

A family business with a good track record gradually faces huge operational problems as it grows into a conglomerate with listed ventures. Navigating the complex business terrain from the expansion may become a source of problems.


Scale and complexity of business


They may have only a few family members, including the 2nd generation, but the businesses they manage are too large in scale.


Also, the independent operation for listed companies creates another issue – independence. For example, maintaining their family accounts cannot be done in listed companies; therefore, they need another professional team to take care of their overall businesses.


Objectives of a family


Daily family engagements are demanding in its rights, adding financial management to that makes it even more tedious.


Of course, they can do everything themselves, but who knows their overall global tax position? Their total asset to debt level? The impact of economic changes on family wealth? How the overall risk profile relates to their family objectives set for the 2nd, 3rd, or maybe 4th generations? How to prepare the next generation to take over the family business?



What a deluge of competing challenges that the family will face?


In a bid to cope with the growing challenges related to wealth management, families may outsource to trusted advisers. But, this approach does not deliver desired expectations in the long term.


We can be the "missing link", as experts working together with the family taking a step-by-step analysis to ensure the family understands themselves, embraces the challenges, and finds the best way to achieve the family objectives.


Do not overlook this part; any uncoordinated effort may make the family lose many opportunities or even deal a fatal blow to the family's wealth. The following activities are usually helping:

1.       Liaise with bankers to get the right combination of debt to equity investment; many activities such as the discussion of borrowing terms; security to be provided; risks level assessment; and repayment schedules;

2.       Find investors together with them to invest in some other businesses; and

3.       Evaluate their tax positions if they have cross-border businesses which may create different tax bases. It may be a big issue for some owners who do not know and care about their tax position.



Using a multi-family office is only a start. When the family wealth accumulates to a more sizeable stage, the family may decide to manage their wealth more closely to set up their own family office. We are also happy to provide consulting services and advice to the single-family office.



We have multi-discipline expertise to assist families. When you see the services we provide above, we are:

1.            culturally fit for HK and Mainland China environment;

2.            unbiased as we do not provide services based on performance fee;

3.            blended with the in-depth specialization in specific core areas accounting/finance/tax, etc.;

4.            resourceful as we have been in the business over a few decades; and

5.            intuitive-minded understanding of the family from a macro strategic view.


Talk to us and see how we can assist you in using our services to fit in your family objectives and or assist you in setting up the family office.


We have served a few families, and now we are serving their 2nd generations.  We agree that it takes time to build up trust. So, let's meet and let us understand your family challenges and your family objectives. Then, we may help establish some simple business connections first and build up trust through years of services.