Who are we?

We are a group of veteran professionals who worked at big four accounting firms as senior management, including partner-level professionals. Our fellow consultants and advisors with such backgrounds have gained invaluable experience in past engagements to assist our clients in handling complicated cases.

We also have a group of advisors from legal professionals and other areas to assist us in serving our special and specific clients' needs.

Established in 1996, Poly Genius has served a wide range of clients, from providing basic services to highly complex group restructuring services and acquisitions.

Over the past two decades, we have engaged in providing basic company secretarial services to individual clients, serving high net-worth families in setting up their overall plan in Hong Kong, as a family office expert generalist, and designing detailed systems for them to track their family wealth.

Apart from the above services, we provide general consulting services for an expert witness, investor relationship maintenance, tax investigation, event management, and many others, which may require a combination of different kinds of resources.

Contact us for your commercial transactions, especially where you encounter difficulties or require professional advice; our assistance is at your fingertips.

What do we do?

We provide a broad spectrum of services depending on the clients' needs, from basic services to high-level management services and family consulting works.

We are a holder of  Trust or Company Service Provider ("TSCP") Licence; all our clients are subject to the "know your client" process.

Basic works

·         Set up companies in Hong Kong and overseas, including the British Virgin Islands, Samoa, and other places.

·         Deregister companies

·         Provide registered office address

·         Provide accounting services

Consulting and transaction assignments

• Serve as a family office for multi-families, advising them:

How to set out the family group structure, including trust establishment together with the    trustee;

How to plan their tax position;

How to prepare their wealth accounts for the family review

How to leverage using debt and/or banking facilities to expand the future projects

How to coordinate all their services in accordance with the family's long-term objectives      and that their best interests are being consistently met.

• Serve listed or large companes' strategy repositioning
• Serve as an expert witness in accounting and auditing areas and litigation supports
• Plan for Pre-IPO structure
• Plan any corporate event and build up investor relationship
• Advice on raising debt to restructure, including the review of the documentation from commercial angle supplemental to client's legal review
• Assist on tax investigation
• Conduct financial due diligence
• Manage crisis
• Special assignment

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What resources are you expected to work with?

As we have been in the professional accountants' circle for over 20 years, we are familiar with groups of different professional service providers, including Banking, Trustee, Legal, Accounting and Auditing, Industrial, and Private bank areas, etc.

Therefore, we can bring in different but right expert resources to address an individual or enterprise's problems together on a coherent basis from their perspective.

A coherent basis is crucial, which requires the understanding of the individual and/or their enterprises.

Then we can make sure the advice given is working well with the individual, his family members, and/or the enterprises they operate.

That is why a broad spectrum of resources is all pertinent to assist our clients in making their decisions by considering their particular risk profile for each decision or a set of decisions. Bringing the right resources is vital to our clients to have the right expertise next to them  without time searching the market information. Save time, save money, and, most essentially, a higher chance of success and achieving individual, family, and corporate goals.

Without knowing our client well, we are unable to help. Not because we are unwilling or do not have the skill set to help, it is because we do not have sufficient background information of them, we may give them wrong messages, knowledge, and assistance which are not relevant to them.

Knowledge of our clients and continuing communication are indispensable to assist our clients in doing things right and doing the right things.