Family client – Project Banking Facilities

The family owns two listed groups and other non-listed businesses with a total valuation of over HK$10 billion.


They are trying to leverage the asset to get some loans for intended mergers and acquisitions.


We are engaged in helping them review the overall risks for the family as we have in-depth knowledge of the family's position and most of the asset positions.


It is not an easy project as we need to have pre-knowledge of the family businesses before we can help to identify the relevant risks to the family.


Takeaways: It is better to involve the family office service provider as early as possible to understand the family's needs and know the businesses to give them an overall picture to assist the family. 


Without knowing the family well, even an experienced consultant cannot help too much as they do need time to assess the overall risks of the family. As a full understanding of the family asset and liability level, the family's objectives are required to give appropriate and relevant advice.