A large company with recycling products – new banking facility arrangement

Facing slow export of newly innovated goods to the US and other parts of the world, the client required more working capital to change product style and type to develop the new markets.


The existing banker lost its confidence to support the business and pushed for the settlement of the bank facilities. As a result, the owners engaged us to source new bankers to work with them with the new prospects.


We are engaged in finding a new banker who could help them develop the business with new and workable banking initiatives such as getting new loans, factoring, or other term loans.


The company did not perform well after they had a first-year relationship with the new bank. So we tried to help the client project the cash flow and develop a new business strategy to persuade the bank to give more facilities to support them.


Takeaway: Don't be afraid of the bank challenge; try to refocus the corporate strategy and focus on making solutions to get more cash flows from the operation or give other forms of comfort to the banker.